Event Technology

Conexiant offers a comprehensive suite of event management solutions designed to streamline the entire process, from planning to post-event engagement. Our DXP platform integrates various functionalities, including abstract/speaker management, registration, event app, robust interactive agendas and attendee engagement tools. With DXP's robust event management tools, organizers can easily coordinate sessions, manage speakers, take registrations, and facilitate onsite or online interactive sessions, all within a single, user-friendly branded interface. 

  • Robust Agenda and Session Management
  • Enhanced Mobile App Experience
  • Messaging and Push Notifications
  • CE, CME, CPE, Certificates and transcripts
  • Discussion forums, Gamification, Networking Tools, and social walls
  • Abstract and Speaker Management
  • Exhibit Showcases and Industry Product Theaters
  • Advanced Attendee Engagement Reports

Our unified platform's efficiency not only simplifies the logistical aspect of event management but also enhances the overall attendee experience by providing a consistent and engaging experience event to event. Our platform's interactive features bridge the gap in audience engagement, utilizing live Q&A, polling, chat, and networking tools that encourage active participation and collaboration among attendees, making each event not only informative but also engaging and dynamic.

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Education Omnichannel

The DXP platform also serves as a full learning and content management solution designed to streamline the creation, management, and distribution of educational content. DXP supports a wide range of content formats, including video, audio, documents, and interactive modules, making it ideal for diverse learning needs. The LMS features robust tools for course creation, learner tracking, and assessment, enabling organizations to deliver tailored educational experiences. DXP also integrates seamlessly with live and on-demand events, fostering continuous engagement and learning year-round. 

  • Cost-effective SWAS (Software With A Service) technology
  • Video, Podcasts, Articles and Content Management System
  • LMS Courses and Learner Pathways
  • 365 Mobile App Experience
  • OnDemand CE, CME, CPE, Certificates and transcripts
  • Site Engagement Reporting and User Insights
  • Robust E-Commerce
  • Group and Subscription

Example Omnichannel


We not only offer a dynamic event platform, we also are your full production partner. Conexiant enhances event engagement and impact through advanced live streaming, hybrid/virtual events, content capture and distribution features. Our team captures high-definition video and audio of all sessions, keynotes, and panel discussions, providing a rich archive of valuable content. This extended access maximizes the educational value of the event and fosters continuous engagement within the community.

  • Live Streaming and Hybrid Event Production
  • Virtual Event and Studio Production
  • Full Onsite AV
  • Educational Session Capture
  • Surgical and Cadaver Production

Example Productions