Digitell.tv: Successful Digital Content Strategies Webcast Series

Digitell.tv is hosting a brand-new monthly webcast series by some of the greatest minds in the online events industry. Tune in each month for helpful tips, valuable information, and community engagement that everyone, from practiced experts to complete newbies, will get something out of.

Archives of each full episode, as well as individual segments, will be available after each live broadcast. However, the hosts will be receiving and answering questions from the online audience in real time during the show, so be sure to tune in!

Our Goals:


Give people in the online events industry the tools, strategies, tips, and best practices to maximize their success.


Bring the online events industry together to share resources and knowledge with each other and improve the community as a whole.


Every month, we'll be running several of the following segments designed to inform you about a variety of event-related topics.

Meet the Team:

At Digitell, we believe that what makes us exceptional isn't just our technology and skills, but the network of people we have supporting our clients. This segment will give a peek into the professional and personal lives of members of our Digitell family.

Success Spotlight:

Knowing what's created success for others is helpful for professionals of every skill level. This segment will share tried and true tips that we've found to be effective and noteworthy for running digital events.

Industry Case Study:

Organizations across all fields are continually innovating. This segment will showcase interviews from professionals about specific ideas they've tried, how they worked, and what you can learn from them.

OPUS Showcase:

Sometimes, the best way to learn something is to watch someone do it. This segment will provide live, practical demonstrations of how to use OPUS.

Feature Feature:

When a platform updates as frequently as OPUS does, it can be hard for each client to learn about every helpful feature. This segment will highlight particular tools that you might not have known about.