Welcome to the Attendee Dashboard

We look forward to your online attendance at the 2021 Virtual Conference, December 9-10. Please take some time to review the information below to help maximize your upcoming online experience.

Main Conference:
Thursday, December 9, 8:00 am - 6:05 pm CST
Friday, December 10, 7:00 am - 5:05 pm CST

Launching a Session
Each session opens 15 minutes prior to the start time. To access your live streamed session(s) click the "Sessions" tab and select the desired session. Please note: Your attendance during these sessions is tracked through participation markers that randomly present themselves during each session. You are required to click on 75% of these markers within each session in order to satisfy the requirements and earn CPE Credit. We strongly advise you to select your session prior to the start time. Switching mid-session may result in no CPE credit being earned.

Accessing and Downloading Handouts
To access all currently available conference materials, click the "Handouts" tab. Check back frequently for updated materials.

Building Your Itinerary
Before you attend, we encourage you to visit the "My Itinerary" tab to add sessions to your personalized itinerary. During the event, navigate to the "My Itinerary" tab for easy access to your pre-selected sessions with the ability to launch a session.

Online Evaluations and CE Transcript
To access the speaker evaluations and your official CPE Transcript, click the "Evaluations & CE Transcript" tab. You will be required to access the evaluations for the sessions you attend with the option to take the session evaluation(s) and submit or to skip the evaluation(s).

Access to Archived Session Recordings
You will also have access to the recordings of the sessions offered with your registration. Recordings will be posted approximately four weeks after the conference concludes. Log back into DigitellInc.com, locate the event under "My Account" and select the "Archives" page.

System Compatibility Checker
Before attending the online conference, first click on the "System Checker" tab on the event page. This will ensure your system is compatible with the live broadcasting platform.